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Step 1.  What is your sign for? Business (Commercial Gallery), Residence Residential Gallery or Artistic Artistic Gallery?
  If you chose Commercial, please go to step 2a. 
  If you chose Residential, please go to step 2b.  If you chose Artistic, follow the instructions for Residential.
Step 2a.  If for a Commercial business, what do you want  to say?  Company Name?  Company Address?  Company Telephone Number?  Company Web Site Address? Company Business Card?
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Please go to step 3a.

Step 2b.  If for a Residence, what do you want to say?  Family Name?  House Name?  House Address?  Ranch Name?  Pet Name?  Personal Quote? Team Name?
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Please go to step 3b.

Step 3a.  Do you want a design?  Company Logo?  Look at your business card.  Do you like  the layout and design?  If you are happy with your card and logo you could use that. Or, you could expand from your business card or start from scratch.  Visit the Gallery.
Artwork Description
Step 3b.  Do you want a design?  Residential signs can be either very simple or quite detailed in the design elements.  Unlike business signs that demand certain elements, residential signs are only limited by your own creativity.  You can design around a theme, such as, nature, a personal hobby, special interests, or a certain location. You can pick from an existing design from our gallery or suggest your own.  We can also work from your artwork or photos.  Visit the Residential Gallery or the Artistic Gallery
Artwork Description
Step 3c.  Do you want a custom image or design? If you would like to provide your own drawing or image please check here:

Step 4. What shape and size do you need?  Click to the see the Shape and Size Chart.  The size of your sign is a more important factor for a business sign as they are usually viewed from a greater distance.  The sign manual states that a 4" letter can be read from 100 feet.  Also, consider where it is going to be placed and how noticeable you want it. 

Size If you prefer a size not on our list or you selected Freeform, please note your size preferences in the comments box below and we will contact you.  Once you have chosen your shape and size, please proceed to step 5.

Step 5. What colors do you want?  The greater degree of contrast between your letters and background determines the overall readability.  An example is: a light colored background with a dark letter or vice versa.  Do you want the sign to be compatible with your building or home color or more in contrast?  Using a wood tone border is a good neutral break.  Choose your border and background colors first.  Then, choose your letter color and finally your accent.  Artwork usually takes on the natural colors of the elements, such as, Trees are green, etc but feel free to be as specific as you like.  Please see the Color Chart for paint and stain colors or supply your own paint chip.

Letter Color
Note* We offer many color selections as well as stains.  If you prefer a color  or stain not listed in our color chart , please note your color or stain preferences in the comments box and we will contact you.
After you have selected your colors, please proceed to step 6.
Step 6. How can we contact you?  Please give us some information about yourself.
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Please proceed to step 7, then answer a few final questions, and then submit your request.
Step 7. Comments Please type any questions or special comments below.
Will your sign be hanging or mounted on the side of a building or house?
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